Should I use AK5 or AH5-USB for my internet kiosk?

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Should I use AK5 or AH5-USB for my internet kiosk?

Postby Administrator » Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:48 pm

For Windows PC we suggest AK5, because most customers are familiar to the Windows environment and may generate more revenue. ... _kiosk.htm
more features of AK5 and software.
1. Setup email coin drop information to configured email, so you can monitor the your revenue and coin drop information.
2. Disable disk access and secure your PC and prevent the malicious activities, like download virus, delete your software, hack your computer, etc.
3. It can close all the programs or games opened by Timer when the time expired.
4. It can charge printing fee by pages
and more.

For Linux PC or Machentosh PC or who do not have any experience of Windows software.
We suggest use AH5-USB-XBox360-PS3-PC ... troler.htm
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