AK5 not talking to PC

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AK5 not talking to PC

Postby Lupo » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:09 am

Hello all,

I have installed the AK5 and installed the latest Kiosk software. The AK5 is trained to see my coins and the Kiosk software is acting exactly as I want it to in test mode. BUT...everytime I insert a coin the AK5 displays an E and howls at me for 30 seconds or so. If I insert a coin not programmed it is rejected as it shouls and no alarm. This is the same behaviour I get when the RS232 cable is disconnected. Com 1 is being used (and since there is no other software I assume by the coinop service). I have to assume the connection is no good between the AK5 and the PC. Are there certain settings I need for Com 1? Is a standard RS232 cable good for this application (the two instuction sheets conflict in this regard). I hope we can have this resolved soon because otherwise it seems like a great product, but I need to install it soon.
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Postby Administrator » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:05 am

If you sure the Set-Start switch is on Start position when you put it in work mode and the alarm is still sound and have "E" show on LED, then the alarm system of the Coin Acceptor may be damaged by shipping and became too sensitive. It may need to be replace with new one.
Please send email to sales@weavefuture.com ask for replacement.
You will be sent a new sets and you need to send back the defect one after receive the new one ( you can use cheapest shipping method)
Sorry about the inconvenient.
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