new release timer bug

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new release timer bug

Postby UfukD » Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:57 pm


The latest release 3.8.0. has the following effect:

i uninstall the previous version, install 3.8.0. I see that you changed the interface a little bit, more specifically for the money value parts configuration. I configure that part as it should be, like i configured the previous versions. When i throw in some money, it give the dubble time that it should, for example, i configured 2 euros to give 60 minutes, 1 euro 30 min and 50 eurocents to give 15 minutes, i tried the three coins and with all it gave the dubbel time. At first installation it wouldn't give even any time. The kiosk was blocked, i had to log in in safety mode in xp to uncheck the counter in msconfig boot section to be able to boot the counter, because i thought the software was fine i checked production mode at first configuration. anyway, after a reinstall it gave the problem i specified above so i had to uninstall again and install 3.7.9. can you check on this please?

thank you
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Re: new release timer bug

Postby Administrator » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:28 am

The problem fixed and new file is updated.
Please download the new file

You need to reboot after uninstall and then reinstall.
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