Legal Concerns

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Legal Concerns

Postby Troopermanaic » Thu May 21, 2009 10:33 pm

Hello I want to make a coin operated Gaming Kiosk for PC games which will allow people to play the installed games on the computer for a set amount of time though I don't know if this is legal or not and if its not then how would I be able to make this legal?

The kiosk will be dedicated to only the games I select which I will update frequently. Games such as battlefield 2 and Sonic adventure DX. (PC titles)

I may in the future also want to make a xbox 360 coin op kiosk and I need to know what would be considered illegal and legal with that. I would like to know if anyone has information considering this topic.

I live in New Jersey, state of the US.
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Re: Legal Concerns

Postby Administrator » Fri May 22, 2009 9:05 am

It is legal!
We have been called the people in Microsoft and they are welcome our products.
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Re: Legal Concerns

Postby alberto » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:03 pm


Please could you kindly give us a web link or any documentary evidence where we could check regarding if its legal to offer xbox360 gaming in cybercafe. :?:
We notice in the xbox live terms of use in the web that usage cannot be for commercial purposes.Thanks in anticipation
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Re: Legal Concerns

Postby someguy » Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:03 pm

I have to say that I too have some legal concerns with this as well. I called and spoke with a representative from microsoft xbox. What I was told was that the company has no policy against it. The representative was somewhat vague with his response. Let me sum up my understanding on the subject though. This is the way I interpret the policy and may be completely wrong so do not take this as legal advice. It seems that the hardware itself can be used commercially. The software is where you begin to run into real legal issues. Now because the rep. said that the company has no policy against it I can only assume that they refer to the hardware as well as the firmware/operating system of the device, again I could be wrong. Seeing as both are owned/licensed by microsoft this is what I infer. This can be taken a step further and one could assume that they are talking about their first party games as well, highly doubtful though. Again, I just don't know. As far as third party games are concerned however, you must follow their own licensing agreements. For instance, there is usually a disclaimer on the game itself which states prohibited uses of the game, I would say that violation of these terms will result in violation of the licensing agreement and possibly in some cases the law. What I do not know for sure is whether pay for play, or public exhibition of video games is covered under the same law as motion pictures but I would assume so. If so certain establishments such as churches, parks and other businesses, non-profit and commercial alike can receive permission for public exhibition whether they charge admission or not through acquiring certain licenses for copyright compliant exhibition. In the end, I think microsoft does allow, though maybe not "support" the use of their console in a commercial pay for play environment for example, the Arcade Station T2 from quasimoto. Where you run into problems will be the licensing for the individual games. You will have to research into getting a license and will probably only be able to exhibit games which you have obtained proper licensing for. This applies mostly to USA but I'm not sure about other countries.
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Re: Legal Concerns

Postby Administrator » Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:47 am

There are few thoughts about this issue.
1. the product will give their products a public free advertise and free promotion.
2. the product mostly is charge customer by usage of hardware like bigger screen,better sound system, and environment etc., the software is very small percentage and also the software and it will most like to change from time to time.
3. It is very legal since no law against it. It is innovation product and great opportune , just take advantage now. I think if there is a law, it might be just ask for commercial fee.
4. I think, might be wrong, some legal terms just put there, in case something unknown happened, like huge profit or they just concern about damage or harm to their reputation, or get rid of legal obligations for themselves.

Bottom line, weather it is legal or not legal for commercial usage, it is really about money. If you are make a lots of money like billions $$$ money , I assume they might try to get a piece of it, otherwise they are welcome it or ignore it.

If you really concern about it, you can put up sign, saying that customer only pay usage for hardware,bigger monitor, power usage,etc and the game is free.

I will be very happy and rich if the Microsoft want to against me. :D I am dreaming about it.
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