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Disable "right-click" for desktop?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:03 pm
by hstraf
Is it possible to disable the "right click" for user on the desktop and the taskbar so that they can not access the "Display Properties" or "properties" dialogue window popups?

Otherwise, they are able to change screen resolution, background image, and "unlock" the toolbar, and things like that...

(I know we can disable the entire desktop and toolbar, but we want to keep all the icons on the desktop and allow customer to see toolbar (so they can see what programs are running).

We only want to disallow customer from using "right-click" on the desktop or the taskbard so that they can not change properties and settings.


PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:18 pm
by hstraf
Also, don't forget that all functions should be re-enabled if user selects "Administrator" and enters correct password.

(See my other suggestion for information about that new feature.)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 4:17 pm
by Administrator
We will investigate to see if we can do it.