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Ability to "reset" timer window location after tim

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 9:51 am
by hstraf
Currently, we can choose to "fix" the timer window to a specific area of the screen. Customer is not able to move the timer.

Or, we can allow customer to move the timer anywhere they want.

Is it possible to add a new feature?

If we have selected to allow the customer to move the timer, can we also choose to "reset" the timer window location when a new session starts? So when timer starts, it will always be reset to the location chosen by administrator?

For example:

Reset timer window location after timer expires? [ ]


PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 6:06 pm
by Administrator
Very good feature.
The feature can be add in the next release.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:06 pm
by Administrator
Weavefuture Internet Cafe Game Kiosk Timer 3.7.1 quick fix
for weavefuture Internet Kiosk Browsers' "@" input
1. fix the "@", which could not input when the special key disabled.
2. add optional "Reset Timer" button.
3. The Timer will extend its width to remind user insert more money
4. It can change how many seconds the timer start to sound alarm or extends its width to remind customer insert more money, default is 30 seconds now.
5 reset timer location when new session started